There is Hope in Your Heartache...

...stop searching for this hope alone -- you are NOT alone. Let me help guide you to the hope that exists through the "Power in the Truth" deck. The deck will remind you of your own personal truth that is buried deep within: even if you are walking the lonely path of heartbreak right now, know that you are worthy. You are loved. You are going to be OK. That is the Truth. There is Power in the Truth. 


Only 500 decks have been created in this first ever release. 
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The holidays are a difficult time of the year...

If you or someone you know is struggling through the fallout of divorce or separation...

...these cards are the PERFECT gift

The "Power in Truth" cards are like a guardian angel. They are full of support, encouragement and reassurance. Going through a divorce and being without the person I used to turn to left me feeling alienated and empty. Wendy’s cards were a great reminder that I wasn’t alone and that everything was going to be ok.
 - Victoria S., New Hampshire
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As I have fought through an exhausting custody battle for nearly 5 years, I constantly question myself and my own “personal truth” I once believed. I have found myself at the lowest I have ever been, many times. However, this “Power in the Truth” deck of affirmation cards has been exactly what I needed to push through another day and sometimes another hour. This deck of cards comes packaged in a beautiful gift box. It has 52 cards, each filled with vibrant and unique illustrations paired with powerful messages. The affirmations and uplifting messages will help you remember your personal truth, despite your current situation. This journey can leave you feeling completely hopeless and in despair. Some days are harder than others and leave you feeling like you want to give up.
This “Power in the Truth” deck of affirmation cards is the exact tool you or a loved one needs to revive your own personal truth throughout this exhausting and sometimes seemingly “hopeless” journey. The cards are a perfect size to leave around your home, car, workplace, or anywhere you will see them often as a reminder that there is hope and “Power in the Truth”.

 - Heather K., Arkansas
Although I am not going through a divorce, I have struggled with a lot of the same feelings of inadequacy and fear. The affirmations, gentle reminders, and positive intentions shared through the Power in the Truth Deck are applicable to many types of difficult relationships. I’m thankful for the deck’s compassionate nudges toward better self-care, personal growth, and a more positive mindset. The Power in the Truth Deck is a great way to offer support to anyone working through a challenging relationship transition.
- Amelia Bennett, Arizona
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Wendy Hernandez is a Phoenix family law attorney, divorce coach, founder of the Hernandez Family Law Firm and creator of the Command the Courtroom You Tube channel and online programs.
Having tried over 1,000 cases during her 23 years as a litigator, Wendy is a courtroom warrior who has tackled every type of family law matter — from divorce to child custody and everything in between.

Sharing secrets learned from the country’s top law professors at the University of Notre Dame Law School and during her battles on the family law front lines, Wendy is passionate about helping not only her clients, but also those representing themselves, to feel competent, confident and comfortable in the courtroom.

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